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Miniseries in many episodes
Category #Journalism #DarkTourism #WhiteOldMan #SelfHealing

What would a white old man do if he secretly admitted his ignorance?
Maybe all the blind spots would start to sparkle?
And curiosity would awaken... follow Leopold down the rabbit hole...
Dark tourist Leopold travels to the blind spots of old manhood...

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


A daily report on sleep and dreams, with Jackie Melon
Category #SpitirualSurrealism #DayDreaming #OutOfBodyExperience #LucidDream

One day, Jackie Melon woke up thought to herself:
...if every morning I tried to recall my wildest dreams, I would be living in a dreamworld...
With that intention she has been sharing her dreams every day,
which has proven to have an influence on the viewers's dreams as well!
Try it! Full playlist:


Helmishow - Was ist das genau? News from all around the world
Category #Reportage #WorldNews #International #Sport #Weather #Astrology #Science

1, 2, 3 Hello! Welcome to the Helmishow!
Follow our dedicated correspondents Leopold Fedlman from England, Arsch from Germany,
Vincente from Brazil and his assistant Globina Irma de Toma
as well as Prof. Popko Brooks, theoretical nuclear physicist
and last but not least, Sex Astrologist Petra Kant and her intern Josh
Reporting thoroughly on world news for you in the Helmishow!

Helmishow Episode 4
Summer of Love Special

Helmishow Episode 3
Football Special

Helmishow Episode 2
Science Special

Helmishow Episode 1
The First Helmishow!

>>> ERNIE & BERT 2.0 <<<

Ernie and Bert: the crazy and the normal one
an original Helmiflix miniseries... from 16 years!
Category #HomeTV #SeventiesDrama #Love #Comedy #Dramedy #Sitcom
Ernie und Bert is: #Emotional #Exciting #Cute

What happens when you take everything for granted in a relationship?
You have looked away from the reality of your partner for years, but never forget: it goes both ways!
Ernie and Bert fight for all of us for their partnership and the meaning of living together

Die Samenbank




Dilogy on an Outsider Rat
Category #ActionMovie #Drama #Outsider #NatureFilm
Johnny The Rat is: #Exciting #Funny #Cliche

Johnny is a underrated bloke with self-esteem-issues.
But nobody knows what he is really capable of!

TV Special

Xmas Special


An original Helmiflix Story
Category #SuccessDrama #EroticDrama #FeelGood #Challenging

When a reckless individualist and an autistic genius suddenly meet an equal with love they also meet their own hopes and fears.
Paul and Yusuf, two trained egoists, move together and start a relationship.
Will they be able to save their love?

Playlist including 6 mini episodes:

...And below a very emotonial BONUS Episode! Don't miss it!

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Jackie Melon, Host

Leopold Fedlman, English correspondent

Arsch, German correspondent

Jacquelina, Superstar DJ

Sex Astrologist Petra Kant and intern Josh

Chanelle, Travel Reporter

Vincente, Brazilian Correspondent

Globina Irma de Toma, Vincente's assistant

Prof. Popko Brooks, theoretical nuclear physicist

Paul and Yusuf

Johnny The Rat

Ernie and Bert

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